About This Project

This project has been made possible, in part, by a grant from the Fund for Folk Culture's Partnerships in Local Culture Program, underwritten by the Ford Foundation. It is a collaboration between Vendors Program at the Palace of the Governors, New Mexico CultureNet, a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to expanding access to cultural information about New Mexico, and North Central New Mexico Economic Development District.

The overarching aim of the project is economic development, specifically, the expansion of the market for the traditional Native American artwork made by members of the Portal Program. The project partners have chosen to accomplish this goal in the following ways:

  • A directory of artists who are members of the Palace of the Governors Portal Program. This directory has contact information for participating artists as well as a showcase of the artists' work.

  • Published information about the Portal Program: its history, rules and regulations and the types of artwork made by the members. This information, meant to educate the public who is interested in Native American Arts, is published on this the project Web site. There also is a buying guide meant to inform the public about the differences between authentic Indian art versus fakes and manufactured knock-offs.

  • Training program for artists in uses of the Internet. The educational aspect of this project is critical because it gives the Artist-Vendors familiarity with computers that their children have, but which they themselves lack. One of the goals of the trainings is to have each artist get an email account so that s/he can correspond with people around the world who are interested in her or his work.

The following people have been instrumental in this project's success:

Project Director: Alex Traube ([email protected]), Executive Director of New Mexico CultureNet http://www.nmculturenet.org

Web Site Design: Transmit Media :: Paul Vachier ([email protected])

Lead Trainer: Betsy Walker ([email protected])

Portal Program Coordinator: Deborah Davis ([email protected])

Vendors Committee Chair: Mavis Garcia ([email protected]).